Manage your Tidal Schedules in a new way using Schedule Insight

About Us

Founded in 2007, Rhimat Software Ltd is a privately owned software development company based in the UK.

Our Aim for Schedule Insight

  • To make Schedule Insight a product that solves real day to day problems faced by Tidal users
  • To provide fast, powerful product features without requiring clients to invest in extra network infrastructure or additional software licenses
  • To respond quickly to new feature requests and deliver regular releases/ updates with high quality
  • To allow clients to extend Schedule Insight by adding their own custom reports

Schedule Insight Application Architecture/Design

Schedule Insight has been architected from the ground up to support our delivery and quality aims

  • Fast, Scalable, Multi-Threaded, Responsive UI - Handles 1,000’s jobs
  • Plugin Architecture - Enabling rapid, incremental addition of new features and reports
  • Understands Tidal Security model - Controls access to sensitive data

Schedule Insight Application Quality

  • Schedule Insight had a successful 18 month beta test phase prior to its launch in Dec 2016
  • Each release of Schedule Insight undergoes a comprehensive automatic regression test process to assure ongoing product quality